Ready to Go


Ready to Go Homes

JGK Builders offer a wide range of “Ready To Go” Brand New completed homes on specially selected blocks. These homes are listed For Sale and suit those that are wanting new and wanting now!

We commence advertising our specially selected “Ready To Go” properties For Sale as soon as we are about to turn soil on the site and commence construction, not just when they are complete.

Ready to Go saves time and money, all the hard work has been done and you also qualify for all the warranties you would expect when buying brand new.

Instead of spending months doing the research yourself, or having to pay a design firm, JGK Builders use professional designers and have already found the right combination of architecture, colours and finishes to create a beautiful result.

There’s also the added benefit of simple financing. Buying a Ready To Go home could mean avoiding progress payments with settlement upon completion.

If you are a First home buyer and qualify for the FHOG, these properties meet all the required criteria.

Knowing when you can move into your new home is another bonus, it will either be already completed or well under construction.

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